How do I write equations and formulas?

1. Center each equation or formula on a separate line.
2. If more than one line in length, the equation should be broken at the end of a unit, as before a plus or minus sign.
3. Place all of the equation on a single page.
4. Allow four lines above and below the equation.
5. Use no punctuation after the equation if it appears at the end of a sentence; however, it is permissible (and may even be necessary) to place some form of punctuation after it (a comma or semi-colon, for example) if it appears in the middle of the sentence and is followed by text. In any case, maintain the coherence of all sentences with equations in them.
6. Number the equations consecutively in parentheses at the right margin:


7. If necessary, define the symbols used.

8. In APA style, when discussing numbered equations in the text, write out the word “Equation” and give the number. For example, you would write “see Equation 1.”